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  1. I understand that my appointment is purely as a probationer / temporary worker for a period of Six / Three months, which may be extended without assigning any reason and that during the course of my employment I am liable to be discharge from my said employment without any notice.
  2. I undertake to be posted anywhere in India, be regular in duties, attendance and behave well. I shall notify any charges in information stated at serial No. A to D and shall be responsible for noncompliance thereafter.
  3. I shall give a minimum of 17 days notice before leaving the service, failing which 7 days wages may be deducted from my salary.
  4. I have been read out and explained the above facts in language which I understand, and I agree to abide by the above term and service rules and standing orders applicable by the company.
  5. I accept the company’s policy / terms. I have to accept the transfer at any place, at any time when and where the company requires.
  6. I agree any disciplinary complain against me, company can terminate me any time.
It is certified that the facts stated above are true to be best of my knowledge and belief, and I understand that, I am liable to be dismissed / discharged from service for providing wrong information.